Woodpark Traffic Options - Survey Options

The City’s Stage 2 LRT Project Office and my office want to get your feedback on area traffic measures to be implemented in Woodpark to support the Stage 2 expansion of the Confederation Line West. Please click to view the invitation and find the link to complete an online survey: 

While there has been much consultation on the Richmond Byron corridor through various Stage 2 LRT public events and discussions, potential traffic issues were identified in your community that require further input.

Based on requests made at the most recent Stage 2 LRT meeting that took place at Woodroffe High School on March 27, 2017, additional traffic analysis has been completed and five options are now available for the community to consider. 

The City has developed a survey to formally obtain your feedback on these traffic options. You have likely landed on this page from the survey site. If you have not, you canbe access the survey online at the following link: https://s-ca.chkmkt.com/woodparktraffic. The survey can only be completed once per individual and it is only open to adults living in Woodpark. Residents living in Woodpark will receive a flyer at their door alerting them to this survey as well.     

This survey will be live until June 16, 2017 inclusive.  Feedback provided through this tool will help shape the measures included in the ultimate plan for the area. Please complete the survey even if you have previously provided feedback through Facebook, e-mail or other means.

Visual Maps

Below are maps for each of the five traffic options being considered for the Woodpark community.

Please review and provide your feedback in the survey tool. Clicking this link will open the survey in a new browser tab, you may wish to go back and forth from the survey to these visuals to obtain the best understanding of the proposals. Find the survey here:  https://s-ca.chkmkt.com/woodparktraffic

Option “0” (original option)


Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4



Please do not hesitate to contact the City’s project team at stage2@ottawa.ca with any questions.


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