Woodpark Community Traffic Options - Stage 2 LRT

On March 27, 2017, the Stage 2 LRT office presented the new Lincoln Fields alignment to the residents of the Woodpark Community. During this consultation, several traffic questions and comments were raised by community members regarding the proposed extension of Allison Avenue and new signalized intersection at Richmond Road, as well as general concerns about safety and cut-through vehicular traffic within Woodpark.

Below is a map of the Richmond/Byron corridor presented to the public at this meeting. The areas marked by red stars below are the areas we are proposing to close off vehicular access to Richmond. The blue circles indicate where the City is proposing new signalized intersections.


In response to these questions, the Stage 2 team has refined four options for the community’s input. Below is a summary of the current original Allison Avenue proposal, as well as four additionally refined options. Pros and cons, as well as considerations for each are also provided. At this point, all of these options include the following plans/conditions being proposed by the City: maintain the ban of all of the on-street parking along Byron west of Woodroffe; and the inclusion of a modest kiss & ride at New Orchard (2-3 spots). 

Note that options 1, 2 and 3 have been previously reviewed by transportation staff and are considered viable solutions, subject to further traffic analysis. All of the options below assume a signalized intersection at or near Allison/Richmond, and a stop controlled intersection at Allison/Byron. The 4th option is a bit of a more recent entry, which is also feasible but is still being reviewed by staff to ensure it meets all safety considerations. 

We want to hear your thoughts on what option you believe will work best for Woodpark, or which features in each of the options that you support, or that give you cause for concern.  

Current Proposal: Signalized intersection at Allison Avenue and Richmond Road

  • Proposed signalized intersection at Richmond Road and Allison Avenue to allow for access to the community, and safe, formalized and controlled crossing for pedestrians and cyclists of Richmond Road.
  • Traffic counts on Byron and Woodroffe were reviewed in developing this option, including traffic movements and safety concerns at the Woodroffe/Richmond/Byron intersections. This was also reviewed with the active mobility groups in Ottawa for their input.
  • The planning intent was to reduce cut-through traffic into the Woodpark community from Woodroffe (onto Byron), as well as increasing the amount of park/green space, which was a key community request through various working groups and public consultation events.
  • This traffic option was presented to the community during Stage 2 public consultation events in November 2016, and again in January 2017 as part of the City’s goal to make Richmond a more Complete Street. 


Additional Options





Option 1:

Mid block intersection between Allison and Ancaster avenues


Shift the currently proposed signalized intersection at Richmond/Allison, to mid-block between Ancaster and Allison avenues.

Would not create a through intersection to Allison Avenue, which provides an additional layer friction to get through the community as well as making traffic movements more diffuse; calms traffic with additional turns; Intersection is directly across from Tim Hortons, providing additional pedestrian connectivity/safety at that location.

Lights from cars turning into the community may impact homes on Byron;

Intersection along Byron/Richmond is slightly further from New Orchard Station; no longer a fully controlled pedestrian crossing from Allison through to Richmond and New Orchard station, although a controlled crossing of Byron would be provided;

Will likely encourage cut-through traffic to/from this site by lining up the intersection with the Tim Horton’s driveway across Richmond;

More likely that a signalized intersection at this location will require additional space from Byron Linear Park to accommodate dedicated eastbound and westbound left-turn lanes to address traffic conflicts and delay at this intersection.







Option 2: Intersection at Allison Avenue and Richmond Road, with Allison becoming a one way north bound at Byron


Similar to Glebe streets leading onto the Queen Elizabeth Drive, Allison Avenue becomes a one way street at the intersection heading north.


Alternatives to be determined include a bulb out (on the SW corner of Allison and Byron), raised intersection, or signage restricting incoming traffic from Richmond at the intersection of Byron and Allison.

Existing conditions (crosswalks) are maintained for pedestrian safety;

There is a fully controlled pedestrian crossing from Allison through to Richmond and the future New Orchard station.

Greater distance for some residents on Allison to access homes from Richmond Road (have to drive around the block);







Option 3: Allison Avenue becomes a one way northbound at Richmond; new signalized intersection at Anthony



For this option, no east/westbound turns are allowed off Richmond south onto Allison and into the community.

This would also be paired with a new full signal controlled intersection at Anthony and Woodroffe.



A new fully signalized intersection would be provided at Anthony.

Allows for an entry point onto Byron and the community other than at Allison; this is a free flowing right-turn with limited impact on the Woodroffe intersection; may allow the funeral home to maintain the layby they current access with slight modifications; would improve pedestrian safety crossing Woodroffe with a full signalized intersection at Anthony.

Does not reduce through-traffic into the community coming from Quebec or heading south; breaks-up the continuity of the park parcel; continues to allows a traffic movement with which the broader public had concerns; People heading east along Richmond that want to get into the community would via a sweeping right-hand turn from Richmond onto Woodroffe and immediately onto Byron (as today) to get into the community at Woodroffe, crossing a pedestrian and cycling route; heading west along Richmond people would have to make a left turn at Richmond/Woodroffe (as today) and a quick right into the community just south of the traffic signal, in a busy intersection at peak hours. The signalized intersection at Anthony may add to traffic issues such as extended queuing along Woodroffe.







Option 4 [Needs further evaluation from staff]: redesign Ancaster east bound exit out to further discourage entry/crossing Richmond; maintain closure at Byron and Woodroffe; new signalized intersection at Anthony;

New PXO at 1025 Richmond.

Closing the current access from Richardson onto Richmond and keeping the right-out exit at Ancaster onto Richmond.

The intersection would be redesigned to further discourage entry from Richmond Road and left turns onto Richmond Road. This would also be paired with a new full signal controlled intersection at Anthony and Woodroffe.






Would improve pedestrian safety crossing Woodroffe with a full signalized intersection at Anthony.

Limits the ability for people to enter into the community to only Anthony and Flower along Woodroffe; may further discourage people cutting into the community, but does not eliminate the potential for dangerous/illegal turns right into the community or left-out turns across Richmond Rd. out of the community; sight lines need further study as a safe angle may be difficult to achieve without eating into the park for a safe merge; reduces the safety for pedestrians and cyclists with cars trying to merge with traffic, uncontrolled into a busy arterial; the signalized intersection at Anthony may add to the traffic issues queuing along Woodroffe.


We would like to hear your feedback, commentary, and suggestions. Please feel free to reach out to my office or the Stage 2 LRT team:  

Councillor Mark Taylor


(613) 699-8163



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