Winter Storm Update 9:15pm December 29th

An update on today's storm, public works activity and correcting some points about winter maintenance standards...


There have been recent media reports, and subsequent inquiries from residents, pertaining to changes to the City's snow plowing levels of service.

The City's Maintenance Quality Standards for winter operations remain consistent and unchanged from those that were approved by Council in 2003, and there have been no changes to these standards for the 2015-2016 winter season; the standard threshold for residential streets remains 7 cm.

The Public Works Department has been working closely with Ottawa's Corporate Communications department to continually share updates with Councillors and residents regarding the first winter storm of the season.

Since the outset of the storm, all equipment and personnel have been on the roadways and sidewalks working in accordance with the existing standards.

The City's pilot web-tool, Where Is My Plow, has received over 62,000 hits and has been working well for the most part.
Based on feedback received from Councillors and residents, staff will be refining the tool's messaging and working out a few technical details.

This is where we stand right now:

Approx. 25 cm of snow fell on the City transportation network in a 15 hour period (approx. 1am to 4 pm). Day staff were plowing the arterial/major collector network throughout the day and continued until the shift change at 7pm.

The priority beat network is improving as the winter event has slowed to flurries. Staff tonight will continue to concentrate on priority roads and sidewalks, along with clearing bus stops.

We continue to work on residential streets and sidewalks which will have one full pass by this evening and will return in the morning to complete the next plow operation.

With no established snow banks and this substantial accumulation covering all the curbs/edge of the road it’s taking extra time to plow so we are not damaging the boulevard.

Windy conditions still prevail in the open areas and staff will plow and treat as necessary.

Temperatures overnight -9C, wind chill -15C and winds out of the ENE at 22 km/h and gust of 35 km/h.

Day shift Wednesday December 30th...

Day shift will continue the clean up of arterial roads and sidewalks, gritting residential streets and sidewalks, clean up dead ends streets and cul de sacs, bus stops and scarify gravel roads as required.

Thank You to all who have shared information with us about your experiences with the Where's my plow app and/or plowing and road conditions. We will use all that information to continue to improver operations.


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