Winter Storm Roads Update January 3rd 3pm

Good afternoon,
Here is a winter roads storm update from Ottawa Public Works Staff as of 3pm Tuesday,  January 3rd:


Environment Canada Freezing Rain Warning is still in effect through Wednesday, January 4

A combination of freezing rain, ice pellets and rain is being reported in various locations throughout the City. This precipitation event will last through the afternoon, evening and overnight where the transition to snow is forecasted for 3am through to 7am and flurries until 4pm on Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures are holding steady at 0C and remain until the event leaves the area. The priority roads are mostly bare with some slush covered areas for the afternoon commute. Residential streets have had salt/grit applied to them and are slushy with icy sections. All sidewalk units are deployed scraping and salting sidewalks and bus stops. Gravel roads are being scarified to provide traction. Residents will need to heed caution on side streets and sidewalks as icy conditions are present. Significant pooling of water is being reported throughout the City. Staff have deployed resources to deal with the ponding water at catch basin’s (backhoes, loaders). Day staff will continue to scrape and salt the roads through the afternoon and early evening with night shift staff in for 7pm to continue to battle the storm. Temperatures will start to dip below freezing late Wednesday afternoon. Winds continue from the east at 15 km/h.

Supervisors are monitoring the weather, patrolling roads throughout the event and making adjustments to the deployment model as the weather and road conditions change.

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