Winter Advisory Tuesday February 16

A winter storm watch has been issued by Environment Canada of 15-25 cm but depending on winds and temperatures upwards of 40 cm plus snow with a mix of ice pellets and freezing rain can potentially fall on the City Tuesday.

This will be a significant winter weather event with snow, ice pellets and freezing rain in some parts of the City. The morning and especially the afternoon commute will be majorly impacted, sidewalks, bus stops and residential roads will be difficult to navigate.  

Flurries are forecasted to start late this afternoon/early evening with 2 cm before the major part of the snow event lands in the Ottawa area at approx. 5am where it will continue throughout the day Tuesday where it is predicted to end around 8pm followed by a few flurries and heavy winds causing blowing snow in open areas. The bulk of the snow is anticipated to fall in this 15 hour window with more than 1 cm hour making this is an extreme winter event. There could be a large amount of ice pellets or freezing rain if temperatures warm up. Temperatures today will warm up to -9C and a high of -2C on Tuesday is what is currently forecasted. 

We will be initiating an overnight parking band as we anticipate a plow deployment on residential streets Tuesday but will make that call on Tuesday morning. 

Staff are in preparing for the event, working with contractors, fleet services and all our partners to manage this event.

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