Wednesday Mid Day UPDATE: Winter Storm

Road Services staff will continue focusing on plowing residential streets, sidewalks, dead ends, cul de sacs, bus stops and turning lanes. The residential plow run will be completed by approx. mid day today although streets may still require another pass through to push snow banks back closer to the curb. Parked cars continue to be a challenge. We ask for resident’s cooperation to keep the street free of vehicles for snow and ice plowing operations to plow the streets effectively and efficiently.

We are committed to continue working on sidewalks & bus stops using a combination of sidewalk plows and snow blowing equipment on a continuous (24/7) basis until complete. We anticipate this will take a few days for the completion of the 2,225 km network and 6,000 bus stops city wide.

All available resources will be dedicated to clean-up after the record-breaking storm. Day shift staff will work through until the 7pm shift change this evening. We have night shift scheduled for 7pm to continue the clean-up process.  

The current forecast is calling for a high of -2C today, light winds and a mix of precipitation of snow, flurries. Staff will also ensure the priority road and sidewalk network is being plowed and salted as necessary.

The Winter Overnight Parking Ban has been lifted.

We will require resident’s patience and cooperation while the lengthy cleanup process is ongoing from this record breaking storm.   

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