Waterfront Infrastructure in Britannia Village

14A-071___006.jpgSince being elected in 2010 my office has worked very hard to address residents’ concerns about flood protection and restrictive property development in the communities of Britannia Village and Belltown.

Plans for Waterfront Infrastructure had been stagnant for years but they have been revived since I took office and we are now actively pursuing plans for flood control and restrictive property development.

Thanks to the hard work of City staff in collaboration with the local community association, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and my team we have found a solution that I believe will work for everyone.

On February 14th, 2014 I was pleased to be joined by Minister Bob Chiarelli and representatives from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority at the Britannia Yacht Club to announce a $1.3million funding agreement between the City of Ottawa and the Province of Ontario. 


The agreement will address flood control by building a waterfront berm in Britannia and re-mapping the flood plain in Belltown to account for existing flood control measures like the NCC pathway. This has been a long-standing and complex issue for many years. 

By performing this work we finally give residents flexibility with property development and flood protection after near 25 years of uncertainty. In Britannia Village the City will be contributing $670,000.00 which includes $195,000.00 from a local levy. The Province is contributing $500,000.00. 

In Belltown the Province has agreed to pay $150,000.00 towards flood mapping and risk identification studies while the City will perform the work on the ground and look at any mitigation measures necessary. I have to acknowledge the hard work, patience and commitment put forth by local residents as we all worked towards solving this issue and moving forward in a meaningful way for everyone.

I am pleased to announce that the construction has now begun and is on schedule to have the flood control measures in place by the end of the spring of 2016. 

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback you can reach me and my team at Mark.Taylor@Ottawa.ca.

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