Traffic Calming Measures in Bay Ward

DSC_0301.JPGTraffic control continues to be a focus in Bay Ward for my team and for residents. It is important that we work together to keep our communities safe, especially as we encourage cycling, walking and transit use as alternate ways of getting around our city.

Woodroffe North and Richmond Road

At this integral and busy intersection we have been working closely with the Woodroffe North Community Association to address their concerns. We have held meetings and exchanged ideas about ways to mitigate traffic in this community.

There is a high volume of commuters making their way through this area particularly during the morning and afternoon rush as they access the Sir John A Macdonald Parkway.

As such, we have taken the following measures to address the volume and speed:

Posted more speed limit signs

Posted “do not block intersection” signs along Woodroffe Avenue

Painted bolder crosswalk signs to encourage residents to cross safely

We are investigating the feasibility of installing speed bumps between Richmond Road and the Sir John A Macdonald Parkway.


Woodpark Cut Through Traffic

 As we look to prevent commuter traffic using the Woodpark community as a cut-through option we are continuing to work very closely with the Woodparkers Community Association. Again, this issue involves the safety of our neighbourhoods and of our children.

Some measures already taken include:

Dead-ending some streated

Conducted an origin-destination study

Based on the results of that study City of Ottawa staff are now investigating potential further measures. They still have to complete the analysis of the results but it is possible that ‘no left turn’ signs or other measures could be implemented in this community.



Excessive speed is an issue that residents write to us about on a regular basis. We work with our partners at the Ottawa Police Service and within the City of Ottawa Traffic Services Department to conduct speeding enforcement blitzes and to monitor people’s speeds using speed boards within targeted areas in Bay Ward.

Sometimes those studies and blitzes result in reduced speed limits, other times they simply serve as a reminder to drivers to slow down.

Our office will continue to work with residents and with our partners in the community to address speeding and to keep our communities safe.

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