Towards An Adoption Only Ottawa

Pets.jpgI have been a proponent of moving Ottawa to an all adoption cats and dogs model for some time in our retail pet stores. 

While the current staff recommendation strengthens our existing bylaws I have introduced a proposed amendment to limit the grandfather clause to 5 years for the 3 remaining stores in our community who sell animals from private sources. It also ensures if those stores are sold or transferred prior to 5 years the new adoption model would take effect immediately. 

While we have no reason to believe the 3 existing ottawa stores have ever acted improperly, this amendment does moves us to a place of better public policy. One consistent with both the wishes expressed by our community through public consultation and following the growing number of municipalities making this move. 

Finally - it needs to be expressed that an all adoption community also increases the opportunities for the publics exposure to more animals sourced from humane societies, rescue organizations and other sources providing animals already seeking good homes. 

It is my hope that our committee and council support my motion and this direction. 

WHEREAS it is Council's objective to, in the longer term, have all pet shops operate under an adoption model through which cats and dogs are available from municipal animal shelters, humane societies, societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, or rescue organizations;

AND WHEREAS the proposed amendments to Schedule 29 to the Licensing By-law relating to pet shops, as set out in the staff report, include an amendment to provide for the aforementioned objective;

AND WHEREAS also included in the staff report is an amendment that will permit the 3 licensed pet shops (Appendix A, Document 1) currently selling cats and dogs originating from commercial sources to continue doing so provided that those sources have been inspected by the relevant authorized animal welfare agency and are found to meet the requirements of the applicable animal welfare legislation enforced by that agency, and to have no convictions or outstanding Orders under that legislation; 

AND WHEREAS, to allow those 3 pet shops time to adapt to Council’s longer term objective and to adjust their business approach in order to transition to the recommended adoption model during the term of their license, which is not transferrable under the by-law;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the 3 pet shops identified in Appendix A in Document 1 of the staff report be required to transition to an adoption model where they sell, keep or offer for sale cats and dogs originating only from a municipal animal shelter, a registered humane society, a registered society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, or a rescue organization within five (5) years of the date of enactment of the proposed by-law amendments, and should the pet shop be relocated, or sold or its ownership otherwise transferred, a new license will be required and the adoption model will take effect immediately.

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