Special Liaison on Housing and Homelessness issues

Earlier today I was honoured to accept the challenge put to me by Mayor Watson to assume the new role of Special Liaison on Housing & Homelessness for Ottawa.

I am looking forward to working with Councillor Deans, the Chair of our Community & Protective Services Committee, Councillor Harder, the Chair of our Planning Committee and Councillor Fleury the Chair of our Ottawa Community Housing Corporation on our important work.

This role will include not just work with our important committee chairs but also all Councillors, many city departments, partners in the community sector and the private sector.

We have made impressive progress on our 10 year plan to eliminate Homelessness in Ottawa. We have not done this alone. We have worked with many partners across our community and together we have seen results.

The challenge right now is to take the next steps needed to go beyond the traditional tools we have used. To expand the options we use and opportunities we take to ensure we build an Ottawa where everyone has a home.

Having a home is foundational.

Life challenges us all. Sometimes members of our community find themselves without a place to call home. When that happens their focus on building their lives, on education, on economic prosperity and making a future for themselves and their family all stop.

Everything stops when you don't have a home.

By engaging new tools, new partners, a Provincial Ministry with a new focus and a new Federal Government we have the opportunity to amplify the results of our ten year plan in Ottawa.

I am looking forward to working with every partner and everyone in our community to ensure Ottawa is a community where everyone has a home because everyone matters.

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