Readout of comments to Finance & Economic Development Committee on Western LRT

Please see below the readout of the comments and testimony I offered today to our City of Ottawa Finance and Economic Development Committee on the advancing of the Stage 2 Light Rail Plan program adjustments. These changes include an extension of our original plan which would have ended Stage 2 at Bayshore station instead to Moodie Drive.  

Good afternoon colleagues,

While I have had an opportunity to work coolest with staff on this project and do not have any questions today, I would like to offer comments into the record.


I thank specifically with regard to this project:


  • Staff in our light rail office, notably Mr. Swail and his team
  • Community associations, groups and residents notably:


Peggy McGillivray and Rick Nelson the current and former Presidents of the Crystal Beach Lakeview community association. 


Jennifer Smith the President of the Creek's End Lane community association 


Representatives of the Accora Village community from Ferguslea properties as well as the management of Bayshore shopping centre


Community Associations in Woodpark, Carlingwood, Woodroffe North and Queensway Terrace North 


I also want to thank the many individual residents who have engaged with our office. 


Finally I wish to thank the National Capital Commission. Much of the western leg of Stage 2 occupy their lands and they have worked with our office and the City in partnership. We continue to find ways to respect and improve their lands while advancing this city wide project. 


To say this section of the LRT plan has been without its challenges would be untrue. I credit the hard work of community representatives, citizens and staff in meeting every obstacle with a view to making this project work. Though we have had to navigate issues - we've always had the same goal. I know there are still items that remain, notably the concerns of some residents through the pinecrest creek corridor in Queensway Terrace North and the possible sighting of a Light Storage Facility near Moodie drive. I am confident we will meet those concerns with open arms and rolled up sleeves. 


When I look back and think that when most of todays Council, elected in 2010 took our seats the LRT effectively ended at tunneys pasture. The idea of going west was there but Tunneys Pasture to Lincoln fields and Lincoln fields to Bayshore were all encumbered with controversy and conflict. Just 7 years later we now have a plan to service residents across my ward. That is productive, meaningful progress that people expect and I appreciate the help of all our residents to deliver this.

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