Woodpark Community Traffic Options - Stage 2 LRT

On March 27, 2017, the Stage 2 LRT office presented the new Lincoln Fields alignment to the residents of the Woodpark Community. During this consultation, several traffic questions and comments were raised by community members regarding the proposed extension of Allison Avenue and new signalized intersection at Richmond Road, as well as general concerns about safety and cut-through vehicular traffic within Woodpark.

Crystal Beach Lakeview combined sewer, sidewalk, and road work for April and May 2017

I just wanted to let Bay Ward residents know about some upcoming construction over the next couple of months. Please see below for more information: 


Green Light to Moodie for Western Light Rail Transit

Stage 2 LRT is now going to extend to Moodie Drive, beyond Bayshore Station as part of the original construction of Western LRT.

After much work over the past several years with our City's LRT team, Chair of the Transit Commission Stephen Blais, Chair of the Transportation Committee Keith Egli, and Mayor Jim Watson, we are pleased to report that we are proposing, as part of the stage 2 LRT plan, a further extension west to Moodie Drive opening with the second stage of light rail in 2023, just 6 years from now.  

Carling Avenue Community Improvement Plan

Plans to renew Carling Avenue between Pinecrest Road and Bayshore Drive will continue this term of council with help from the City of Ottawa’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

Together with local residents and businesses, my team and I have developed a plan that will stimulate business investment, generate new commercial activity, and improve employment opportunities in the community.

Our office has been continuing to work on using the Economic Development strategy to leverage business interests along this section of Carling Avenue. That work began at the start of our first term of office and continues today.