Ottawa’s first outdoor oven will open November 27 in Bayshore Park

25 November 2014
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Ottawa – The Bayshore Park Community Garden and Oven Association has collaborated with the City of Ottawa and Councillor Mark Taylor’s office, to build a wood-fired masonry oven in Bayshore Park. 

A first for Ottawa, the oven will be used by residents and groups, looking for an outdoor gathering place to cook and share food together. All are welcome to attend the grand opening and enjoy fresh bread baked in the oven on Thursday, November 27 in Bayshore Park.

“Outdoor ovens like the one we’ve built in Bayshore, are gaining in popularity as they help build community by bringing families, friends and neighbours together” says Mete Pamir who is a member of the team who put the project together. “We’re really excited to have the first community oven in Ottawa at Bayshore Park. Everyone can make use of the oven. It doesn’t cost anything to have your food baked, and it’s a fun way to celebrate special events.”

When the oven temperature is highest, pizzas and flat breads are baked with live-fire. As the temperature lowers, breads and casseroles can then bake in the retained heat.  A variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs can also cook, roast and dry slowly, as the oven fires down.

The oven is operated by trained volunteers, on scheduled days and during special events. Space availability in the oven and the oven temperature can be checked on the Bayshore Community Oven Facebook page. Community groups can book the oven for special events.

Community members can also sign-up to become volunteer oven operators. Operators must take safety training, learn from other operators how to use the oven and become members of the Bayshore Park Community Garden and Oven Association.

For more information on how to use the oven or to book it for special events , as well as to learn about the steps needed to  become an oven operator, visit the Facebook page or e-mail .

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