Ottawa Citizen - On a rare day without rain, cities and towns prepare for more high water

The Ottawa Citizen examined the water control efforts in the Britannia Village this week. 

Tom Spears takes a look at water control in Bay Ward and how the Britannia Berm is holding up. He explains "Britannia Village area, a frequent trouble spot in many high-water years, remains largely dry thanks in part to a new berm built by Ottawa and the conservation authority." 



Photo Credit - Errol McGihon / Postmedia

Please click here for the full Citizen article. 

Tom also describes "A system like this works well for an area like Britannia where there’s a limited stretch of shoreline vulnerable to flooding, he said. It would be harder to flood-proof Gatineau’s extensive shoreline, which combines the Ottawa River, the lower stretch of the Gatineau River, Brewery Creek, and a number of islands and separate river channels — a total of dozens kilometres of shoreline."

Although we've had staff working on some limited overland flood water in Bay Ward, one of the historic trouble spots is safe thanks to the Britannia Waterfront Berm. Even though it's not quite finished (July of this year sees the end of construction) it's still working and keeping water away from homes as the Ottawa Citizen saw today. 

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