Ontario Launches Review of Ontario Municipal Board

The Ontario Government is undertaking a review of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) to develop recommendations that will improve how the OMB works within the broader system of land use planning.

The government is now accepting feedback on a number of topics related to the OMB. Comments and suggestions received during all stages of the review, as well as comments already received, will be used to help inform the government of what changes may be needed. A consultation paper will be released in fall 2016 for further comment.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs has already made improvements to the OMB based on public feedback on Ontario’s Smart Growth for Our Communities Act:

·         When municipalities prepare new official plans, the plans can no longer be appealed in their entirety; and

·         Once a new official plan is in place, that plan would not be subject to any new appeals of private applications for two years unless the municipality allows the applications to be made.

Quick Facts

  • The Ontario Municipal Board is an adjudicative tribunal that makes decisions independent from the government.
  • Most matters that come before the OMB are under the Planning Act, including appeals on land use planning decisions such as official plans and zoning by-laws.
  • The Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015 includes several reforms related to land use planning appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board. 

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