NOTICE OF CONSTRUCTION - Kingsley Road/ Roman Avenue

Beginning in mid-February 2016 the City will begin rehabilitating sewers in your neighbourhood.  Please note that the City is rehabilitating the storm and sanitary sewers between Kingsley Road and Roman Avenue. 

WHO:       The City of Ottawa has hired the Contractor, Clean Water Works, to complete the work.

WHY:       The Contractor and the City of Ottawa will be lining the sewer, which requires rehabilitation due to its age and condition, using a Cured-In-Place Pipe process.

WHAT:     Work will involve the repair of the sanitary and storm sewer using a Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) process a no dig, trenchless technology that minimizes the inconveniences usually associated with open-cut sewer repair. This method of construction is much less disruptive than the conventional open cut construction method as there is no excavation and is significantly faster.

WHEN:     This work is tentatively planned to begin on February 8th, 2016.  A second notice will be sent to residents 48 hours prior to the work taking place. Please note this work and schedule is weather dependant.

WHERE:   The storm and sanitary sewers are located at the intersection of Roman Avenue and Hopkins Road and run south-east under Highway 417 to Kingsley Road near Parkway Park.

Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. The City makes every effort to provide access through and around construction sites. If you require special accommodation, please contact the On-Site Inspector or the Contractor’s Representative.

Construction Disruptions
The Contractor will take every precaution to minimize interruptions to the everyday life of your family and/or operation of your business, but, as you can appreciate, there may be some inconvenience during the course of the work, such as traffic delays, parking restrictions, noise, and odour. We would like to thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Minor traffic impacts on Kingsley Road and Roman Avenue may occur during the lining process.

Some noise may take place throughout the duration of the proposed work, normally during the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Potential Detection of Odour

As a result of the synthetic resin used for curing sewer lining material, odours are emitted during construction. The resin product being used is a vinyl ester resin, which does not contain styrene. It smells similar to plastic or glue.  Generally, these odours are confined within close proximity to the sewer; however, there is a potential that you may notice them indoors, within the vicinity to the construction area.  These odours may be unpleasant, but short term low-level exposure poses no health risk and will diminish over time.  If you smell odors or should you require assistance, please open all possible windows and call one of the contacts noted below.

Preventative Measures

Residential wastewater plumbing traps maintain a water barrier in wastewater pipes to prevent sewer odours from entering the home. In rarely used drains (such as floor drains), the water in the trap can evaporate over time resulting in no water barrier to prevent the odours from entering the home. In preparation for this construction, it is recommended that you pour 1 gallon of water down all floor drains or rarely-used sinks/tubs to ensure that a water barrier is in place in the trap

Damaged/Faulty Plumbing

If preventative measures do not work, it is very likely that you have a trap that requires repair.  Odours can appear through dry sewer traps, damaged/faulty plumbing, cracked foundations or open windows. If you can smell these odours, it is highly likely that it is the result of dry plumbing traps or damaged/faulty plumbing in your residence. A temporary, localized solution to reduce odours is to place plastic bags filled with water over any open floor drains in the home.

Please be aware that, a dry trap or faulty plumbing will regularly allow sewer odours to enter the home from time to time.  We advise that if you are experiencing odours from the sewer liner construction then you are also allowing sewer gases to infiltrate into your home.  It is recommended that the homeowner repair any faulty/damaged plumbing.

Contact Information
As part of this contract, the Contractor is assuming full responsibility for the construction work until it is entirely complete as well as any damages to private property resulting from these construction activities.  In the event of such occurrences, all claims for damages should be immediately reported both verbally and in writing to the contractor and to the City’s on-site Representative.  This will ensure prompt notification of appropriate authorities to complete the claim investigations. Should you have any inquiries once work commences, please do not hesitate to contact:

Contractor’s Representative:                                                Contract Administrator:

Kyle Peori                                                                               Tamara Harb, EIT
Project Manager                                                                     Contract Administrator
Clean Water Works Inc.                                                          Robinson Consultants Inc.
Office: (613) 745-2444                                                            Office: (613) 592-6060 ext. 150
Cell: (613) 227-8723                                                                Email:

City’s Project Manager                                                         On-Site Inspector:    
Danny Palermo, P.Eng.                                                           Ken Barton
Senior Engineer, Infrastructure Projects                                Tel:  (613) 762-8349
Infrastructure Services Department
Design and Construction Municipal West
Office: (613) 580-2424 ext. 25568

For any emergency outside normal working hours on weekdays and weekends, please visit or call the City at 3-1-1.

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