UPDATED JUL 4: Inappropriate Development on Benjamin/Woodroffe

Today after meeting with City of Ottawa Planning staff I learned the specifics of changes made to a development in our Ward that had been approved in 2013/14 but which is under construction now.

Thanks to vigilant residents who alerted me to changes in the look of the development I met with staff only to learn of changes to the project that took place after the approvals process, about which neither I nor the community were aware.

To be clear - I believe the changes made to be fundamentally at odds with the spirit of the approval given on this project and my next step will be meeting with City legal staff.

2018 Wading Pool Program

With the opening of City of Ottawa outdoor wading pools just around the corner, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with information regarding the wading pools operating within your ward.

 Hours of Operation



Season Open Date

Season End Date

Pool Closed Day(s)


2844 Ahearn Ave.

July 3

August 28


Frank Ryan

950 Alpine Ave.

June 28

August 23



2074 Benjamin Cres.

July 3

August 28

Sun & Mon

Michele Heights

2955 Michele Dr.

June 28

August 23


Ruth Wildgen

1099 Grenon Ave.

June 28

August 23



Wading pool hours of operation are standardized across all City of Ottawa wading pools. Residents can expect the pools to be open at the following times, with the exception of their scheduled closed day(s):

  • Monday & Friday: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Special Events

In addition, each location will be hosting a special event during the summer with organized games and activities for residents. Activities will generally take place between 1:00-4:00 pm. You are welcome to attend these events to meet and greet with participants.

  • Britannia Park –  July 26, 2018
  • Frank Ryan Park – July 24, 2018
  • Kingsmere Park –  August 16, 2018
  • Michele Heights – July 31, 2018
  • Ruth Wildgen – August 1, 2018

Byron Park Tree Transplant and Renewal Project


The City of Ottawa will be relocating transplantable trees from Byron Park to suitable areas within the community prior to Stage 2 Light Rail Transit, construction beginning in 2019. Tree relocation activities will take place in Byron Park in early June 2018. For more information, The City of Ottawa is hosting two pop-up information sessions on June 7th 5pm-7pm. One at Byron Ave & Sherborne Rd and the second Byron Ave & Woodland Ave

A Safer Way To Cross

For some time young students and their parents at Woodroffe Avenue Public school have been increasingly concerned about the safety of children crossing the roadway. 

With the partnership of City roads staff, Safer Roads Ottawa and the Ottawa Police I have worked to take action. 

Today I am pleased to announce the arrival in September of an Adult Crossing Guard at the Saville and Woodroffe intersection. 

Everyone gets a seat

A message sent today to my Council Colleagues about the importance of equitable transit oriented development...
Good morning colleagues,
As you may recall the Healthy Transportation Coalition recently co-hosted the ‘Building Affordable Housing Near Rapid Transit’ session at City Hall. I know several of you attended. 
While the coalition has circulated the ‘As we heard it’ report to everyone who attended I also wanted to forward it with some concise comments, several of which you heard me discuss that day.

Keeping my first commitment...

Today at my eighth annual Mother's Day Tea I shared with our community my thanks for their support over the past two terms.

On January 11th 2010 I pledged to residents that if elected I would not seek more than two terms as their Councillor (read that release here).

Today, I fulfilled that pledge. Please take a moment to read my message.

Defend then Renew...

Last year, just in time, the Britannia Flood Berm was put in place. Today, after 30yrs of delay and 8 years of work by my team and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, MPP Bob Chiarelli, Mayor Jim Watson and City Council colleagues alongside hard working and collaborative Britannia Village residents and the community association - responsible property renewal in the village will be possible.

2018 Flood Preparedness

May 2, 2018

City officials have informed us that they have taken the step to move towards Enhanced Operations for the 2018 Spring Freshet. In an effort to keep all residents informed we would like to share with you the following information.  

Late Tuesday, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority issued an update on the Ottawa River, contained in the update was a Flood Outlook for Britannia.  

"Levels and flows along the Ottawa River have started to increase with the onset of the spring freshet period. Based on the current snowpack and the weather forecast, levels and flows from Arnprior to Deschenes Rapids are expected to remain within the normal range of fluctuations associated with this time of year.

Rainfall in the next few days will fill lakes and reservoirs within the Ottawa Valley.  Model outputs currently indicate that levels are expected to increase over the next week and peak on or about May 7th, 2018. No significant flooding is expected within the watershed; but given the size of the Ottawa River basin and forecasted rain over the next week, these predictions could change. 

Water level projections continue to remain within a normal range; however, Public Works, Environmental Services and the Office of Emergency Management have and continue to take proactive measures should rainfall be higher than expected.  

You may see more City trucks, sand or sand bags being delivered to the neighbourhoods of Britannia, Belltown and Crystal Bay. Public Works, Environmental Services and the Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor local conditions in and around ditches, culverts, and dykes and address any issues that may arise. Variable Message Signs will be deployed as necessary.  An information kiosk will also be set-up at Ron Kolbus Lakeside for residents to visit and have questions answered.    

Our office will continue to monitor and provide updates as we receive them.  You can find the most recent Information by calling 311 and on the city website as it will be updated regularly.

2018 Mother's Day Tea

It’s almost that time of year again. My annual Mother’s Day Tea at Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre is just around the corner, May 10 1-3pm. The event is free but spaces are limited. RSVP now! 


Everyone Together - Ottawa, A Caring and Compassionate City

Over the past year I have met, collaborated with, and interviewed key stakeholders in the affordable housing and homelessness sector to find ways to accelerate the City of Ottawa’s progress on its 10-year housing and homelessness efforts.

This report, Everyone Together – Ottawa, A Caring and Compassionate City is dedicated to all of the people in the Ottawa Community who are living in poverty or homelessness. I would like to thank all of the partners who collaborated with me on this report. Most importantly, I would like to thank individuals who shared their lived experiences of homelessness with me.

This report and its recommendations are the culmination of many formal and informal conversations, research, feedback from the housing sector, and leading practices from other cities.

The City’s own plan was reviewed and meetings with City staff from a variety of departments were also held.

My hope for our community is that together we work to address inadequate affordability in housing, homelessness and all of its financial, mental health, physical health, addictions and other causes.

Please read Everyone Together – Ottawa, A Caring and Compassionate City – here

Veuillez trouver la version française de mon rapport: Tous ensemble - Ottawa, ville de coeur et de compassion 

Appendices are available here:

Appendix I , II , III , IV , V , VI , VII