New LRT station better for transit, better for community

I am pleased to share with you, that today we are proposing that the Cleary Ave. LRT station be built at the corner of Cleary and Richmond Rd. 

This will improve access to transit for the surrounding community and limit the impact to private property.

This alignment not only better serves the neighbourhoods nearby but also avoids the need to use any of the Unitarian campus land. 

I believe having Cleary Station located right on a main street – creates a better experience for residents and offers improved accessibility, visibility and usability for the surrounding area.

The City will hold a public consultation on April 14th at Notre Dame High School to receive input from the public. Please join if you are able. 

The graphic below shows the old alignment in blue and today's changes in red. 


As part of my commitment to residents we continued listening, working and improving our plan for this area. I believe with today's update we deliver responsible and effective transit while being respectful of the community it serves. 

If you would like more information please feel free to contact our office or attend the consultation on April 14th. 


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