Legalization of Cannabis - Ottawa Public Health report

Tonight my Board of Health Colleagues and I approved Ottawa Public Health's recommendations to the federal government with respect to access to edible cannabis products and strengthening restrictions on packaging and labeling of cannabis products.


The report recommendations include the following: 

That the Board of Health for the City of Ottawa Health Unit:
1.Receive, for information, an overview of Bills C-45 and C-46, as described in this report and detailed in Document 1; and
2.Approve that the Board of Health make recommendations to the federal government with respect to:
(a). Regulating and restricting access to edible cannabis products within the current legalization timeframe, as described in this report; and   
(b). Strengthening restrictions on packaging and labelling to require THC content and dose per serving size, health warnings, and plain packaging of cannabis products as described in this report.

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