Just jump in...

The more time I spend working and talking with people about our goal of ending homelessness in Ottawa there is one question I get more than any other. 

It's a typically Ottawa question.

It's a great question.

"How can I help? Where would I start?"

This says a lot about who we are in Ottawa as a community. It says a lot about the people who ask.

The answer is: "You can help in any number of ways, anywhere!"

We are blessed to have so many good community partners working across the entire spectrum of help in our community that practically anything you want to contribute to doing is fair game.

If your workplace or community group - even kids school - are looking to gather donations, why not consider donating some start up kits to Options Bytown.

Holiday meals aren't the only time our shelters need help. The Ottawa Mission, The Salvation Army & The Shepherds of Good Hope all can use ongoing volunteer help. Whether its every week or a few hours a month - you are helping. 

So the answer is ... Just jump in. Anywhere, Anyway, Anytime. There is no wrong way to do the right thing; and thank you in advance for the lives you will change.



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