Homelessness and Affordable Housing


 In 2015 the City renewed its $14 million commitment towards its 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan.

 In addition, council increased funding of $3.1 million for the maintenance of Ottawa Community Housing units.

 To help ensure we are a caring capital city, an additional $19 million will build new homes for Ottawa families. This will help our City’s most vulnerable residents.

As a member of the Ottawa Community Housing Board I will continue to strive for the fair treatment of our residents and for solutions to eradicating homelessness.

Ensuring everyone has a home will take thinking outside the established norms when it comes to combating homelessness in our city.

This is why Ottawa is investigating the benefits of the Housing First model.

One of the challenges we face as a city is that the more we improve our care for the homeless and access to services the more people come to Ottawa from other cities, thereby increasing the number of people waiting to access services.

This is a complex and multi-faceted issue but one for which I am passionate about finding a solution.

I currently sit on the Affordable Housing Task Force with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. You can find more information about my involvement on the AMO board page.