Heading into the Fall - September & October Column

I hope the first month back to school has been positive, and people have enjoyed this late surge of warm fall weather. I’d also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all residents who helped one another during the storm that hit our ward. I have heard a number of very positive stories about residents helping one another, both with fallen branches and when the hydro was out.

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There was an older adult who called into my office to let us know their neighbour helped remove some of the branches that fell on their roof because they were unable too. It is great to see our community come together in difficult circumstances.

Urban Wildlife in our Ward

Coyote.jpgI have been corresponding with a number of residents over the past number of weeks about concerns with increased coyote activity in the Crystal Beach and Britannia Village areas. In light of these concerns, we organized an information session on October 10th. The session was well attended and I heard very positive feedback about the information that was discussed. Please reach out to my office if you were unable to attend and still have any questions.

The City of Ottawa also has a webpage setup with lots of additional information on coyotes - please click here for the link. 

Ottawa Community News also covered the event - please click here to read their full article on how the session went. 

Let us know how the City should spend its budget

Budget time is upon us again, and I’d greatly encourage residents to get involved in the process. There are a number of ways to do so.

For the second year, residents can access the City’s interactive software budget tool that provides you an opportunity to prioritize the budget funding for each category and see what the impacts will be - http://ottawa.citizenbudget.com/

There is also a four-minute video that explains how our budget process works - http://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/budget-and-taxes/budget/understanding-your-city-budget#learn-about-budget

Finally, you can attend our 2018 budget consultation in person at the Nepean Sportsplex (Hall C & D) on October 19th – from 6pm to 8pm.


Housing and Homelessness in Ottawa

As many of you know I was appointed by Mayor Watson as the City’s Liaison on Housing and Homelessness last August. Since then my team and I have been diligently meeting and working with the housing sector, city staff, and people with lived experiences - looking for ways to accelerate the City’s 10-year plan on housing.

After much collaboration and work, I’m excited to say that my report will be released this fall. I will certainly share our results across a variety of platforms, but please check out baywardlive.ca as the best resource for more information.

The City of Ottawa has had a number of successes in appropriately housing people in our city, but it isn’t enough. We have plenty more to do to make our city one that is livable for all.


Fun upcoming events

Reviews so far for the Mìwàte or “Illumination of Chaudiere Falls” have been overwhelmingly positive and I encourage those who are interested to check it out. You have until November 5th to take in the experience!


You can always find more details about upcoming events and activities in Bay Ward and across Ottawa by following me on Twitter and Facebook or by subscribing to updates at www.BayWardLive.ca. Should you ever need the assistance of my team please do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to help.

I wish all our residents the best of luck as families get ready for the nice fall weather!

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