Governments of Canada and Ontario Announce Funding for Women's Shelter in the City of Ottawa

Excellent work by my colleague Councillor Egli on Nelson House. Great support from - Minister Jaczek, Minister Duclos, MP Vandenbeld, and Minister Chiarelli.

Please click here for the full Government of Canada news release

Quick facts:

  • The governments of Canada and Ontario contributed $5.3 million to Nelson House. 

  • Nelson House serves approximately 120 women and children each year. 

  • The existing 15-bed Nelson House shelter will be replaced with a new, 10,000 square foot, 20-bed facility that is accessible and provides a private, quiet and supportive space for women and their children. 

  • The new facility will be more than twice the size of the existing facility and allow for activities, meetings, and improved and expanded on-site services. 

  • These additional beds in the City of Ottawa will result in fewer women and children having to access less than ideal arrangements when shelters like Nelson House are at capacity.

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