First Night of Chanukah

For_website_on_FB.jpgOn behalf of Mayor Jim Watson, the City of Ottawa and my colleagues on City Council, I was honoured to welcome members of the Rohr Chabad Student Network of Ottawa, and many distinguished guests to City Hall on the first night of Chanukah.

As with many other holidays this time of year, Chanukah is symbolically marked and celebrated with light. As we begin this eight-day festival of light, and the celebration of purity and spirituality, we also focus on peace and helping others.

The lights of the menorah commemorate the miracle during the re-dedication of the Jewish Temple. Light is a strong symbol in life and reminds us that in times of darkness, light illuminates our spirits with care, hope and peace. This also reminds us that we are united by universal values and aspirations focused on family, dedication, love, and being charitable to one another.

The miracle that is celebrated during Chanukah reinforces our beliefs and values. This is a special time of year for reflecting on the people who touch our lives, and the moments that touch our hearts. At times, the world around can cast a shroud of darkness over our lives, and our outlook on human-kind, and life itself.

We have to keep faith in the good of people and the world around us, and keep the light of hope, care and peace alive. The eight days of Chanukah celebrations are a time to reflect, appreciate and re-dedicate ourselves to family and friends, and to bringing light and hope to the world.

Those special relationships and moments will keep your light shining in your hearts and memories forever.

Light is a miracle…a miracle that happens every day.   Happy Chanukah Everyone!

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