February Column in Ottawa West and Nepean-Barrhaven

With 2015 now well under way our office is hard at work making a difference for the residents of Bay Ward.


Already this year we have spent time speaking with residents in Crystal Beach during our first canvass of 2015 and we’ve held successful drop-in sessions around the community.

I was pleased to announce to residents in the Carlingwood and Woodpark area that our office had delivered on a promise to bring a pedestrian advance signal to the intersection at Woodroffe Avenue and Saville Road. That advance signal is now active and offers residents a safer crossing at the often-busy intersection.

Congratulations to Margaret Knight

Margaret was named an Ottawa City Builder at the City Council meeting on January 28 in recognition of more than 30 years of dedication serving breakfasts and lunches in the Foster Farm community and supporting Ottawa at large through her work with food banks, Meals on Wheels and in helping her elderly neighbours get to church. Despite personal setbacks in her life Margaret continued to work tirelessly to support those in need. Thank you for your dedication and your impact on our community.

Community Public Safety Forum

With the help of our Community Partners and the residents who attended our February 3rd Community Public Safety Forum we are moving forward with several concrete plans to reduce crime and increase safety in Bay Ward.

Among the initiatives I am committed to supporting are plans by the Ottawa Police to increase work with siblings of identified gang members and a program through Ottawa Community Housing to increase shared patrols to ensure better surveillance and improve safety.

As Deputy Mayor I look forward to working with my colleagues on City Council to approve the proposed $400,000 in budget funding for a much-needed gang exit strategy.

Budget 2015

In the 2015 budget a total of $40,185,000 is proposed for investments right here in Bay Ward. That includes replacing the roof at the Michele Heights Community Centre and Britannia Beach Building and expanding the exterior entranceway at the Carlingwood Library.

The city is also proposing a renewal of the wading pool in Frank Ryan Park and several transit system improvements including more service to our neighbourhood from Para Transpo.

Continue to visit our website to learn more about our community and to stay up to date on what’s new.

I wish you all a happy Family Day on February 16.


Mark Taylor
Deputy Mayor and Bay Ward Councillor

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