Extending LRT to the west

I am writing today with positive news about the development of Light Rail in our west end community. 

As you know the city is currently planning to deliver the Stage2 extension of light rail from tunneys pasture to Bayshore station in 2023. 

Also in progress right now are works for the Corkstown bus (future LRT) station and bus rapid transit extension from Bayshore to Moodie drive. 

Working with our community I understand just how important a complete transit system is. I also have been a relentless supporter of not ending the LRT system at Bayshore. 

Today, with Council colleagues on hand and Federal and Provincial partners on board - we announced the Environmental Assessment for LRT from Bayshore to Kanata will begin in January.


This work, expected to take 2 years to complete, means that with continued financial partnership from the federal and provincial government we could see light rail construction beyond Bayshore begin in 2023 or possibly even earlier, potentially as an extension of Stage2 - effectively becoming Stage3

It's an exciting time in Ottawa. 

We are making large investments in our city while continuing to deliver improvements to our local neighbourhoods. 

We are addressing our infrastructure needs while tackling the social and community challenges that confront us. 

I know by continuing to work together we will ensure our entire city as well as our community get the most benefit from all of our work together, both city building and community building. 

Thank You 

Mark Taylor


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