Driving the First Spike of the Confederation Line

IMG_4692.JPGI was pleased to join my council colleagues, Royal Galipeau, MP (Ottawa–Orléans), Bob Chiarelli, MPP (Ottawa West–Nepean) and Mayor Jim Watson as they installed the first official rail track of the O-Train Confederation Line light rail transit project.

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This milestone sets the stage for the City’s Transitway to be converted to light rail, beginning this summer. Construction of the track along the entire line will continue well into 2017.


Spanning 12.5 kilometres between Tunney’s Pasture Station in the west and Blair Station in the east, the majority of the O-Train Confederation Line track will be built in the Transitway’s existing footprint. It will have a mix of at-grade, elevated and tunnel sections, and will replace existing diesel powered buses.

The system has 13 stations, including three new underground stations, and a maintenance and storage facility at Belfast Yard. The dignitaries toured this facility, where the vehicles for the line will be assembled.

Learn more at Ottawa.ca.

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