Defend then Renew...

Last year, just in time, the Britannia Flood Berm was put in place. Today, after 30yrs of delay and 8 years of work by my team and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, MPP Bob Chiarelli, Mayor Jim Watson and City Council colleagues alongside hard working and collaborative Britannia Village residents and the community association - responsible property renewal in the village will be possible.

Part of my commitment to the community as we embarked on a project and berm design that were a better fit for residents than what had been previously planned was that I would take seriously the concerns about the ability to redevelop property if a flood works was put in place.

Today I am writing to advise that commitment has been kept.

I’m pleased to report that City Council has unanimously passed the final piece of the project that I committed to residents - the ability to renew properties previously frozen.

Residents interested in upgrading or renovating their properties can now approach the planning department at the City to understand how to move forward.

My hope for our community is that now we can renew our neighbourhood while respecting the historic look and feel of the village’s character.

Finally, this approval is timely given it is Emergency Preparedness Week in Ottawa. With the new Berm and future renewal it is as important as ever that we remain vigilant and engaged in keeping our community, ourselves and our neighbours safe. 

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