Crystal Beach St. Thomas School site

Dear Neighbours,

It has come to my attention that earlier this week you were provided information from your local community association indicating the asbestos in the former St. Thomas School posed a threat to your health and safety.

I take the health and safety concerns of our community and city very seriously.

I am writing today to assure you that you are not in danger.

I have been advised by both City staff and the building’s owner, Maple Leaf Homes, that all the asbestos that was part of the building has been safely and appropriately removed to Ministry of Environment and Climate Change standards.

This work was done safely and appropriately in preparation for the upcoming demolition of the building, which is scheduled to begin very soon.

Please find below a letter from the City of Ottawa that outlines the process required of which all steps have been taken.

We have attempted to maintain constant contact with the Crystal Beach/Lakeview Community Association. However, several attempts to meet and share information failed because the association would not agree to meet with my team, City Staff, and the developer together.

The health, safety and well being of our community and city are always my foremost priority.

Should you or your neighbours have any questions or concerns on this or any matter I would invite you to contact my office at any time. I work for you and am watchful of our community interests.



Mark Taylor,
Deputy Mayor
City of Ottawa Councillor for Bay Ward


Summary of Demolition Permit Process and Monitoring of Designated Substance Removal – 9 Leeming

Demolition Permit Process

Applicants require a building permit to relocate or demolish an existing building or structure. The demolition application will be reviewed to ensure compliance with applicable law, including the Ontario Heritage Act, the City’s Zoning By-law.

The review will also identify any legislative or safety requirements that may need to be adhered to during or after the demolition of the structure.

The City of Ottawa will only issue a demolition permit when the applicant has demonstrated that the Designated Substances have been removed in accordance with Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and Ministry of Labour guidelines (Provincial Regulations).

The City of Ottawa does not get directly involved with the monitoring of the designated substance removal.

Designated Substance Removal Process

The Applicant (Maple Leaf Homes) is required to register the process with the Ministry of the Environment, and in this case has contracted with Tomlinson Environmental to undertake the work. They are required to document the process and materials in the event of inspection or audit of process from the MOECC.

The paperwork for the quantity and disposal of this material is registered with the MOECC. The Ministry requires the material to be removed, tracked and disposed of in accordance with Provincial regulations.

Generally speaking, the MOECC does not send out an inspector to a particular site unless it believes it is warranted.

Once Maple Leaf Homes demonstrates that the process for removal has been followed, the City’s Building Code Services Branch will issue a demolition permit.


Once the Permit for Demolition has been granted by the City, inspections are required at commencement of demolition.

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