Councillor Taylor Supports MPP Lisa MacLeod’s Statement on Bandit Taxis

Today Nepean Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod introduced her bill in the Ontario Legislature aimed at further empowering municipalities like Ottawa to deal with the very real and dangerous issue of Bandit Taxis.

This follows the announcement yesterday from the MPP for Ottawa South John Fraser that he too is introducing a similar bill.

Work on both of these pieces of legislation obviously began long ago and while they may have come independently I am thankful for both of these community leaders, each from a different political party, for collectively understanding this dangerous challenge in our community and responding with action.

MPP MacLeod's bill if passed would:

- Strengthen fines for offenders

- Provide the authority to impound vehicles and suspend licenses

- Attach significant demerit points to the records of offenders

Each of these provisions is important and needed.

To be clear, support of either piece of legislation is not targeted at anyone company or technology. The target is the criminal individuals who set out to endanger the safety of our residents and visitors to our cities.

It is my hope that both members and their respective parties show support for all of the provisions that both pieces of legislation propose.

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