Councillor Taylor Statement On Recent Crime In West End Communities

Today my office will be calling a meeting of Ottawa police, Ottawa Community Housing, Bylaw and Regulatory Services and a range of community stakeholders.

While great progress has been made in several west end neighbourhoods towards renewing community and building better areas in which to raise families, live, work, and play we continue to suffer recurring episodes of crime.

These crimes are often determined to have been perpetrated by those outside our neighbourhoods or involve those within the community who have a history known to law-enforcement.

It is my intention to ensure that we bring every service and tool to bear to address these problems.

I want to stress that many good people live in these neighbourhoods. These communities are engaged and involved. Neighbours know each other. Community houses and programming are in place to support residents. At a community forum several years ago residents identified education and job opportunities as two of their biggest priorities.

They also identified how the pursuit of both of these is often hampered by having to list their address on an application or resume.

These communities are good places. They are carrying the burden and stigma of bad people who do bad things in their community.

Together, over the past four years we have made progress. The education and employment achievements in the community are being addressed and improving.

Hard work is being done by city departments, local agencies and many good neighbours.

Together with law enforcement, city and community partners we will use every tool and every tactic to identify, isolate and remove offenders inside and outside our community.

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