Councillor Taylor’s Statement On The NCC SJAM Parkway LRT Announcement

Building Light Rail Transit Is Easier Without The Train Being Ambushed

I regret that this morning in a surprise press conference to which the City was not invited or allowed the NCC announced its closed door decision indicating it is still challenged by the Stage2 LRT plan to serve the west end of Ottawa.

While I respect the NCC’s mandate and position, as a partner whose responsibility it is to help magnify the Nation’s Capital I believe it is shortsighted to work in such a secretive fashion while Ottawa tries to build a Capital city worthy light rail transit system.

It will take some time to review and investigate the proposals the NCC arrived at without consultation with city staff who are engaged full time in the details of this project.

While I continue to be confident that it is the goal both of the NCC and the Federal government to be productive and positive partners in building Ottawa transit I am disheartened by this mornings events.

Ottawa residents got to participate in the city planning that brought us to this point. While there were times when some residents were unhappy, we had the chance to work with them in full view of the public, I regret the NCC did not feel it appropriate to seek any public input before advancing its concepts.

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