CFRA: Police lay hundreds of gun and gang-related charges this year

Ottawa Police have laid more than 400 charges against over 120 people in connection with gun and gang activity since the beginning of the year.

The arrests are attributed to officers from across the force.

"Those officers are out there every day holding offenders accountable, taking firearms out of our community, preventing violence," said Police Chief Charles Bordeleau. "They are making an impact."

Staff Sgt. Ken Bryden with the Guns and Gangs Unit told CFRA having extra officers assigned to the Guns and Gangs Unit and the Direct Action Response Team is making a real difference in their fight against gang violence.

"Those resources are still very much in place and I think the results so far speak for themselves, if I can say that, in terms of the number of arrests, the number of criminal charges that have been laid," said Bryden. "The number of street checks and reports that have been submitted, in my mind is impressive over the last couple of months."

The majority of people charged are known gang-members. Others, who are not associated with gangs have been charged with weapons offences.

In the past few months police assigned additional resources to the Guns and Gangs Unit and DART as part of a bid to deal with the spike in gang-related activity.

Posted on 3/24/2015 11:54:00 AM by Alison Sandor

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Alison Sandor

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