Carlingwood Library Stroller Parking Canopy

stroller.jpgFollowing renovations to the Carlingwood Library the decision was made to restrict the use of strollers inside the branch. This was not an easy decision for staff but it was made in an effort to help alleviate wet, muddy floors and also to ensure a pleasant library experience for everyone.  Parents were naturally concerned about leaving their strollers outside unattended with no place to lock them up.  We have managed to address both concerns and the Carlingwood Library now has a brand new Stroller Parking area.  The canopy allows parents and care givers to park their strollers securely and out of the rain and snow. The Library also provides locks which can be borrowed to ensure their "wheels" are ready and available when it is time to head home!   Thank you to Library staff and visitors to the library for their patience and understanding throughout the renovations and construction.    You can see more photos here

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