Budget 2016

I am pleased that Budget 2016 passed earlier today. The budget provides a prudent and predictable financial plan for our City. Budget 2016 identifies efficiencies and grows revenues while ensuring that we are an affordable, caring, sustainable, and prosperous City that invests in our future. 

The Budget is imposing a modest 2% property tax increase and increases scrutiny on internal processes and savings at City hall to grow efficiencies and keep the pressure on tax rate down. The Budget insures that for 2016 we continue our $2 million increase to support affordable housing and homelessness programs. Affordable housing and homelessness programs have received over $100 million in total since 2010. 

The budget passed today increases funding to local community health and resource centres to help them help the community, the budget also continues our investments in the gang exit strategy. Our Budget will continue the $50,000 increase for low income families who want to access recreation facilities as well as increasing grants to outdoor rink programs.

Budget 2016 will invest:

  • Over $31 million over four years in the City’s cycling infrastructure (in addition to last term’s $25 million.) This will be the largest investment in cycling infrastructure in our cities history.
  • In growing arts and culture base funding in addition to large capital investments in areas such as the Arts Court and Ottawa Art Gallery.
  • In the opening of the Bayview Innovation Centre which will further grow our economic development and innovation capabilities and business growth in Ottawa; this is good for jobs and the local economy.


The Budget ensures multiple infrastructure renewal projects in our Ward including investments in the Britannia Beach Building, Woodridge Court Daycare, Fairfield House (Judith Bell), Maki House, Kingsmere Field House, Foster Farm Community Centre and Bayshore Field House amongst others.

Budget 2016 will continue the planning and design work to deliver Stage2 of Light Rail to Bay Ward. New stations at Cleary, New Orchard, Queensview and redesigned Lincoln Fields, Pinecrest and Bayshore stations will all serve our community. 

Under the Budget our Ward will benefit from:

  • $20,000 for the re-development of the basketball/tennis court at Woodroffe high school.
  • Over $96,000 for Street Lighting Replacements in Woodpark, Michele Heights, and on Woodroffe Avenue.
  • $40,000 for Temporary Traffic Calming Measures
  • $2 million for the integrated road sewer for Crystal Beach Drive
  • New exhaust fans for the Pinecrest Bus Storage which will reduce the noise for the neighbourhoods nearby.


Mark Taylor 

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