Belltown & Area Flood Mapping

Tonight the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and City of Ottawa will be hosting an open house to update members of the public on the work done primarily in the Belltown area to map flood water hazards.

This was work that my office requested be done to determine how best to improve safety and home values in the area.

The Britannia area has a waterfront infrastructure project beginning in the spring which we were successful at implementing after 30 years of delay.

What residents will see this evening are updated maps of where water would encroach into the community in the case of a flood of a magnitude that it would happen once in one hundred years.

I am working with City staff in the infrastructure services division to determine our next steps in taking preventative action to defend the community against such a flood.

In addition to potential road raising and some berming there will be work required to secure the integrity of the west Nepean collector sewer that travels along the bike path area. In the event of a flood both the residents and the infrastructure must be protected.

Once results are implemented the RVCA will consider the area for a '2 zone' designation. This means that redevelopment of properties could occur. Homeowners would see increased property value and the community capacity as well as facade would improve.

Following the determination of work to be done and timelines I will be hosting a public meeting to receive community feedback and share plans with our residents.

Tonight's meeting will be at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre from 4pm to 8pm.

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