Bayshore Shopping Centre Expansion

DSC_0309.JPGThe expansion of Bayshore Shopping Centre has been an exciting project for Bay Ward at large and for the Bayshore and Accora Village communities.

Our office has worked very closely with mall management and Ivanhoe Cambridge to ensure smooth operations through the construction period by reducing construction traffic and noise as much as possible for local residents.

We worked to make sure trucks bringing materials in and out of the construction site used routes with fewer homes on them to alleviate the noise impact on residents and worked to keep residents safe by coordinating traffic with mall management.

This expansion has created hundreds of new jobs. Thanks to collaboration with mall management and organizations like the Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre and through local job fairs, many of those jobs have been taken on by the hard-working people of Accora Village, Bayshore and the surrounding communities.

The new stores, including  H&M, zumiez, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Brown’s, and more, that have opened up in Bayshore Mall have brought new patrons to the mall who haven’t visited the west end before. This economic prosperity is good for our community.

The final stage of construction is now underway as the last deck of the parking garage is being demolished and will be rebuilt, all exterior construction will be completed by November 2016.

I thank the residents for their continued cooperation through this final phase of construction.

Once complete this world class shopping centre will serve as a hub for our community for retail, for transit and for economic development.

Thank you to the management and to Ivanhoe Cambridge for your continued cooperation.

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