Bayshore Park

10250195_10153961629198275_1496892776666818688_n.jpgIn concert with the significant investments that Ferguslea Properties has made and continues to make in the Accora Village community and the significant investments that Ivanhoe Cambridge is making in Bayshore Shopping Centre, the City of Ottawa will continue to do its share to see the rejuvenation of the green space that links the neighbourhood together.

Already we have seen Bayshore Park come alive with a new community garden, bake oven and the Sens Rink but there is still much work to be done.

The City of Ottawa is committed to pursuing a plan for Bayshore Park that will address the needs that we have heard from residents and community partners.

Community Gardens were installed in summer 2013 and expanded in 2014. In 2015 we are working to improve access to water for the volunteer gardeners.


The parking lot will be expanded to increase access to park and to improve vehicle flow at the entrance to the Field House.

The City of Ottawa plans to improve functionality of Bayshore Park:

  • Removal of baseball diamonds – currently these are consistently unused
  • Formalized sports field – including new goal posts and grading to ensure the field is level; the sports field can provide community and City-wide activities
  • Pathway loop and connectivity – construction of new section of pathway to create walking loop and pavement markings to promote healthy activities

The City of Ottawa plans to add to the character and culture of the park:

  • Installation of Gazebos – gazebos installed at key adult locations to provide shade and socializing opportunities
  • Park Furniture – includes addition of benches, waste receptacles, picnic tables, bike racks, games tables and a better outdoor stage

The City of Ottawa plans to complement the investments of its partners:

  • Additional Lighting – provide additional lighting around rink/basketball court area for evening programming
  • Bleachers – better seating and viewing area for family members while children skate or play summer sports and an opportunity for more formal spectator activities

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