Back to School - August Column

Hoping you had a wonderful summer with family and friends, full of good times and new memories.
As we prepare for autumn, back to school and the end of vacation season I am writing today to share a few tips.


Keep an eye out for kids...

On the last day before most kids head back to school just a reminder as you set out tomorrow and in the week to come to watch out for children on foot and on bikes. Many are returning to school but for some, this will be their first year. This will also be the 'first year' for many parents as well, experiencing the school commute for the first time. 

Over the years we have worked hard throughout our community and Bay Ward to address resident's traffic concerns. As our kids head back to school tomorrow I want to remind everyone to take extra care as they head into work. There will be little ones walking, crossing the street, and riding the school bus for the first time. Let us all pay attention to ensure we all have a safe and fun day!

Here are just a few photos of some local traffic calming changes we have made across the Ward.


One more thing before we leave the subject of students getting around, make sure you are up to date on the newest OC Transpo fall service schedule by clicking here.

Help kids (and everyone) build 

Life can be challenging, not just for kids but for parents too! 
It's important that in addition to ensuring we build caring and compassionate environments across our communities that we also strengthen our own internal ability to handle life's challenges. 

Ottawa Public Health offers tremendous resources for all people. Follow these links to Ottawa Public Health and also their Parenting In Ottawa resources.

Finally, take in a movie...

If you are around Woodroffe Park next Saturday at nightfall join us for our annual 'Movie in the Park'. Presented jointly with the Carlingwood and Woodroffe North Community Association's 'Honeywell Days'. We will be showing Lego Batman. Come out at the beginning of the night to see the Dark Knight!


Well thats it! 

Your back to school edition of our monthly e-mail is at an end. Enjoy your week and month ahead and always remember to reach out to our office anytime you need help with a community issue.

Best wishes for September!

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