A Safer Way To Cross

For some time young students and their parents at Woodroffe Avenue Public school have been increasingly concerned about the safety of children crossing the roadway. 

With the partnership of City roads staff, Safer Roads Ottawa and the Ottawa Police I have worked to take action. 

Today I am pleased to announce the arrival in September of an Adult Crossing Guard at the Saville and Woodroffe intersection. 

Please take a moment to read about the new crossing guard and other measures to keep students safe in my letter to Woodroffe Principal Egerton. 


May 31st 2018


Principal Egerton


Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today about the ongoing traffic pressure around  Woodroffe Avenue Public School.


I am writing to repeat formally the good news I shared with you by telephone.


Thanks to the advocacy of yourself and a dedicated group of parents and school volunteers I have successfully secured an adult crossing guard for the Saville/Woodroffe crossing as of this coming September.


I would be remiss if I did not, by name, thank:


Irma Balla

Alice Hutton

Laura Olec

Agatha Pluskota

Tricia Ross


In addition to yourself as being the determined group that shared background, material and advocacy with me of the need for a guard.


You have been successful.


In addition to the coming guard in September, about which City staff will contact you to deploy as per protocol, I’d like to share some other steps I’ve taken.


As you are aware with the support of the Ottawa Police Service there has been stepped up enforcement during school arrival and departure times. Police with radar detectors, marked and unmarked presence have been acting both as enforcement and deterrent to unwanted behaviour. Police will continue this effort as their resources allow, until I suspect we reach summer break in June.


I am aware that you have seen the over 50 ‘slow down’ signs our Safer Roads Ottawa Team have deployed. While temporary, obviously these serve as a focus point for drivers making them aware of the need to drive cautiously.


As a new infrastructure measure I have approved a plan recommended by city staff to install flex bollards in front of the school area along the curb side. Such bollards are often seen mid road to slow traffic. We will be using them along the curb to prevent vehicles from mounting the curb to drive around congestion as I know staff, parents and police have witnessed.


In the longer term, City staff will include Woodroffe in the area around the school zone as part of their review for automated speed enforcement (photo radar). Staff are currently working with a provincial working group on the regulations required to enact the ability of the City to use automated speed enforcement in the province.  Once the regulations are in place, staff will bring a report to Transportation Committee on how an Automated Speed Enforcement Program would operate in the City of Ottawa.  They are hopeful this will occur in 2019.Subject to approval there and at Council this would add photo radar in the corridor.


Principal Egerton, thank you and your dedicated Woodroffe parents for so persistently and collaboratively working with city staff and myself to see this day come.


Congratulations and my best wishes for a safe end to the school year and a promising September start.


Warm regards,


Mark Taylor

Deputy Mayor of Ottawa

Ottawa City Councillor for Bay Ward

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