A City Where We Care...



I believe in a community where everyone matters.

The city budget for 2017 passed today will strengthen our social infrastructure immediately and for years to come, not just for the well off and middle class but for everyone - including those among us who struggle daily.

Ottawa is a community where we care for one another the 2017 budget:

  • Creates a new low-income transit pass, EquiPass, that will enable many Ottawa residents to access a more affordable transit option. The new pass will save those residents 50% off of the current adult monthly fare.
  • Many people in our community rely on 94 key agencies across the city for support. I am proud to support them in doing their vital work throughout all of Ottawa’s neighbourhoods. An additional $610,000.00 in funding will go a long way in helping them continue to serve Ottawa
  • In my role as Special Liaison on Housing and Homelessness, I am championing our continued support of the City’s annual $16 million commitment ending homelessness within the next 10 years. Ottawa will also receive funding from our federal and provincial partners, which includes:
    • $2.8 million from the homelessness Partnering Strategy; $16 million for Social Housing Repairs; $19 million for the Investment in Affordable Housing Program; $12 million through the Social Housing Apartment Retrofit Program; $3 million for the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative and almost $4 million for a Survivors of Domestic Violence Pilot.
    • New affordable homes being built in 2017 include Ottawa Community Housing’s Michele Heights in Bay Ward, an investment of $800,000.00
    • Affordable housing is important, but so is housing affordability. Limiting the 2017 tax increase to 2% is a responsible and balanced approach that helps families continue to afford their homes.

Looked at collectively - the largest blocks of our budget go to assist those in our community who need help. Whether its with housing, access to transit, accessible and affordable recreation, even opportunities for children and older adults to grow and keep engaged in our community. 

We care ... I care .. and budget 2017 continues to show that commitment even as we continue to do more and work harder each day for every single one of us in Ottawa.


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