What about 2017? Metro Ottawa asked

 Last week Metro Newspaper  ask Councillors for their thoughts about 2017. The things that we we're looking forward to and the things that concerned us.  Understanding it is hard to fit a years worth of issues into a clip for the newspaper, here is the complete text of my response. 

Hi Ryan 
Thanks for the opportunity to offer some thoughts. 
As succinct as possible (and let me know if you want more)....
  1. What are you most optimistic about seeing in Ottawa in 2017? 
"I'm most optimistic about seeing the progress unfold on some of our key city building projects, especially in the context of the 2017 sesquicentennial year. Projects like Stage 1 and 2 of our light rail, Arts Court, progress on a new central library, as well as making advances tackling affordability of living for residents and homelessness initiatives. We have lots to look forward to."
2. What are you most concerned about for Ottawa in 2017? 

"Ottawa is truly transitioning from a 'big small town' to a world class city. That brings with it positives but also challenges we need to address head on. In 2017 I think we will need to confront issues like: how do we actively approach and handle harm reduction (like supervised injection sites) and health issues on our streets (like fentanyl), making progress on addressing mental health supports in our community - particularly as it relates to supporting our police partners as that share of call volume increases, finally (and again) housing affordability and homelessness. "
Hope that fits!

Mark Taylor
Deputy Mayor, Ottawa City Councillor for Bay Ward

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