2018 Flood Preparedness

May 2, 2018

City officials have informed us that they have taken the step to move towards Enhanced Operations for the 2018 Spring Freshet. In an effort to keep all residents informed we would like to share with you the following information.  

Late Tuesday, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority issued an update on the Ottawa River, contained in the update was a Flood Outlook for Britannia.  

"Levels and flows along the Ottawa River have started to increase with the onset of the spring freshet period. Based on the current snowpack and the weather forecast, levels and flows from Arnprior to Deschenes Rapids are expected to remain within the normal range of fluctuations associated with this time of year.

Rainfall in the next few days will fill lakes and reservoirs within the Ottawa Valley.  Model outputs currently indicate that levels are expected to increase over the next week and peak on or about May 7th, 2018. No significant flooding is expected within the watershed; but given the size of the Ottawa River basin and forecasted rain over the next week, these predictions could change. 

Water level projections continue to remain within a normal range; however, Public Works, Environmental Services and the Office of Emergency Management have and continue to take proactive measures should rainfall be higher than expected.  

You may see more City trucks, sand or sand bags being delivered to the neighbourhoods of Britannia, Belltown and Crystal Bay. Public Works, Environmental Services and the Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor local conditions in and around ditches, culverts, and dykes and address any issues that may arise. Variable Message Signs will be deployed as necessary.  An information kiosk will also be set-up at Ron Kolbus Lakeside for residents to visit and have questions answered.    

Our office will continue to monitor and provide updates as we receive them.  You can find the most recent Information by calling 311 and on the city website as it will be updated regularly.

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